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Real estate course for broker owners

A Special Offer For Brokers Owners & Team Leaders!

We offer broker owners and team leaders this amazing opportunity to train your agents on zoom at your next office sales meeting. 

Boost your office meeting and increase your agents per person productivity!

Coach Ran Biderman brings extensive experience, dedicating over 3,000 hours to group coaching and training sessions. His distinctive approach, combining tough love with approachable guidance, has enabled numerous real estate professionals to achieve exceptional productivity and make bold, decisive strides. His invaluable mentorship has propelled individuals to significant career advancements.

Choose One of The Following Coaching Topics For Your Next Office Meeting:

Time management, Prospecting Techniques, Handling Objections, Productive Scheduling, Business Planning, Listing Presentation, Prequalifying, Farming, Cold Calling, Negotiating Contracts, Price Reduction, Self Development, Role-Playing, Life Coaching, Mindset, Motivation & Inspiration!

Personalized Topics: Select a topic that suits your current needs.

" Ran has lead me to the next level of my career (From 5 to over 50 deals a year)"

In addition to this Zoom training offering, your real estate agents will also gain access to a Complimentary Coaching Assessment Call With Ran!

When Ran coaches your agents, you will gain 2 objectives:

  1. Get insights into your agents' DISC personality profiles and how to leverage them for effective training, mentoring, and coaching, aligning with your desired outcomes.

  2. This process will empower your agents to enhance their personalities and leverage them to their advantage.

Are You Ready To Take Advantage of This Special Offer?

  1. Click on "Book It Now" below and then choose "Broker Owner Training Event". 

  2. Once we receive your order, we will send you a zoom link to share with all your agents, or you can invite everyone to participate at your office (you will need a big screen and a mic/speaker available).

  3. If you wish for your logo to be placed on the background of the zoom meeting room, please make sure to email us your logo file to 48 hours before the coaching session.

  4. If the time slot you're interested in is not available or if you don't find the topic you are interested in, or for any other questions please click here.


We are looking forward to meeting you all 😃

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